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Process Automation encompasses a wide spectrum of tools and techniques and we categorise them from Undergraduate to PHD level.

ROLABOTIC can help you find the right Automation suited to your Business and Technology Requirements.

Native Automation

Undergraduate Automation works within clients existing technology investments such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors such as SAP and Oracle or other Technologies such as Google and Microsoft.  Marrying this with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in business process e.g. Chartered Accountants for Finance, CIPD qualified for Human Resources etc.  We lead with business knowledge and complement with technology unlike many other competitors.

Microsoft Automation

Graduate Automation works with existing investments in Microsoft. Importantly managing the change and bringing the business users on the journey through training and managed services.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Masters Automation typically involves exhausting the previous two approaches being Native and Microsoft Automation.  This can sometimes involve new vendors which can bring a more transformational approach to Automation.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

PHD Automation this is where it gets interesting.  Utilising clients own historic data points we can create a predictive capability for business decisions and operations.  Please note : we only audit chatbots built and do not build them!

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