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The Advisor
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We formed ROLABOTIC to be truly independent in all client interactions. 


An introduction to ROLABOTIC

Always Outnumbered, Never Outskilled...We are ROLABOTIC.

Who we are

We are an Independent Innovation, Digital and Automation Management Consulting Firm challenging the status quo.

Clients we have helped
Clients we have helped




Innovation is the life blood of any organisation today and into the future. We can provide the cultural, structural and creative changes required to make this a reality.


Having the most engaged and talented people is a core strategic differentiator. We enable you to move from a place your people ‘like’ to work to somewhere they ‘love’


World class efficiency is the nirvana of the business world. We have the People, Process expertise and Technology expertise to make it a reality.


Everybody wants growth, they talk a lot about growth but how do they actually achieve it? We can provide the strategic planning required, coupled with execution assistance.

How ROLABOTIC deliver

ROLABOTIC are unique and take a differentiated approach to each and every client engagement. We pride ourselves on the fact that our handpicked network of people and services are independent, passionate and customer centric. We provide a simple approach to engagements – Scope, Plan and Execute.


Independently educating clients on the best approach to market.


Creating Strategy, Concepts and supporting Business Cases whilst utilising our proprietary Innovation Engines.


Building Prototypes and Proof of Concepts operationalising outputs from the Innovation Engine.


Monetising new concepts and helping clients deliver their business cases.

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