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Digital Transformation – its an overused word – how do you make it real?

Digital Transformation can take many forms however, from our client experience we focus this around three main stakeholder pillars being: Suppliers, People and Customers.

Easier to do business with.

Suppliers to your business are critical and by creating a seamless way for them to be engaged, deliver their product or service and be paid in a timely manner leads the suppliers to find you ‘easier to do business with.’  A European Global FMCG Client who were the last in line when there was a supply shortage of critical materials required in their manufacturing processes.  They had utilised the typical strong arm tactics of procurement and focussed on price and volume rather than being ‘easy to do business with.’  Most clients think adding a front end supplier system will change their suppliers perception and/or experience that is often not the case but your typical consulting partner or Systems Integrator (SI) will tell you otherwise.

LOVE working at ROLABOTIC.

Your people are your single greatest asset whether that is realised within the business or not.  A UK Retail Clients had a painful onboarding process for new hires and were losing candidates at a critical seasonal time in retail.  These short term hires were filling in personal details several times even though they were all on their attached CV and or New Starter Forms.  We were able to quickly adopt a friendly User Interface (UI) which  meant our client had the slickest process of any retailer in the UK for seasonal hires avoiding heavy recruitment costs.

WOW - this supplier is awesome…

Your customers will be dreaming about Digital, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a whole host of new advancements which they hope their suppliers will be investing in.  Our Global USA HQ Mobility Clients were losing customers as they were not able to quickly provide a full inventory of assets in use to their client.  This was at best shared twice per year.  By engaging ROLABOTIC they were able to automate the data ingestion, in order to provide a weekly dashboard to around 600 clients achieving an increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reduction in call centre call volumes by 39%!

Clients we have helped
Clients we have helped

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