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Doing more with your existing technology investment.

Realise the true value of your existing technology investment with Native Automation.

Existing Tech Utilisation

ROLABOTIC can take your existing Technology Investment and deploy ready made automations or ‘bots’ to connect systems and processes seamlessly. We are unique in this approach as our ROLABOT’s (people) have a deep understanding of business processes first which are then complemented with technology.

ROLABOT - Our Native Automation Approach

We have been the only true independent voice in Automation since 2016 and are fondly referred to by our clients as Dr RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  Having Audited, Diagnosed, Fixed and Scaled hundreds of distressed Automation, Digital & Transformation projects we discovered there were similarities in many cases.  The ROLABOTIC team (ROLABOT’s) anonymised these ‘fixes’ which allowed us to build a repository of over 250+ ‘bots’ consisting of unique Intellectual Property (IP) which we utilise in the right client situations – this is ROLABOT.

Clients we have helped
Clients we have helped

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