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Innovation should be at the heart of any business in order to maintain a competitive advantage but, how do you do it?

Innovation is hard but, it is paramount in order to gain a competitive advantage. We have two distinct approaches to Innovation : Innovation Engines & C.S.I. - not the crime drama!

High speed studio photography, moment of the impact of a bullet on a classic electric bulb. Detail of glass explosion, blue and purple lighting. Concept of obsolete energy.

Innovation Engines

Clients often come to ROLABOTIC as they are frustrated by the copy and paste methodology of their existing consulting partners.  We take a radically different approach to innovation underpinned by a wider and more diverse ROLABOT Team (Our People.)  Our unique Intellectual Property (IP) driven Innovation Engines ingests quantitative and qualitative client/market/insight data in order to build unique prototypes or concepts.  Our Innovation Engines works in a simple three stage process


Clients provide us with as much existing and often historic insight of what has been done, concepts that failed, competitor insights etc.  They can also provide future product launches, market reports etc.



ROLABOTIC begin by ingesting the qualitative and quantitative data provided by clients.  We then take the output from our Engine and work through this with our ROLABOT Team.  The aim of which is to conceptualise 3-5 potential prototypes.  These are then presented to the client, reworked and a final concept is agreed upon.


The Prototype or Concept is then put into production with our team incorporating the clients assets in order to assess its validity in the market.  If successful ROLABOTIC and the client take a gain share of the value created or the client can take exclusivity.

Clients we have helped
Clients we have helped

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