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Our Values

Remaining 100% Independent

Since 2016 we have been the ONLY true independent voice for clients in the Management Consulting Ecosystem. We value people's own perspectives and do not look for a ‘copy and paste’ or one size fits all methodology in our engagements or our ROLABOT’s (our People).

Challenging the Status Quo

As a diverse group of individuals we do not follow the herd and challenge common approaches, technologies and transformations of our competitors if they are not a best fit for our clients.

Leading with Attitude & Passion

ROLABOT’s are crucial and we want our team to stand out in the homogenised consulting world so, look for those who can talk with passion about something they love. We also believe irrespective of qualification and experience the right attitude can move mountains!

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Perks and benefits

We can tailor each ROLABOT's package to suit their individual needs.

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