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Operational Transformation & Excellence are often over exhausted avenue for many clients.  ROLABOTIC bring a new sense of energy and purpose to these engagements.

Over the years Operational Excellence and Transformation has lost its shine due to other more appealing approaches such as Automation. However, it's often the crucial step clients miss on their Automation and Digital Transformation Journeys.


Process Mapping

Clients often share ‘AS–IS’ process maps with us and they are either out of date or have not involved the individuals running the process.  This leaves exceptions often not covered and/or other anomalies not considered.  We use Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in specific business processes in order to get this right for you and to make sure the transformation or excellence journey delivers true value.

Process Improvement

The first step is to look for the incremental improvements that can be delivered very quickly with minimal effort.  With our SME’s this is a breeze and many improvements are DISCOVERED and DELIVERED during the Process Mapping stage.

esoat methodology

ESOAR Methodology

This is a common methodology used by many clients already : Eliminate, Standardise, Optimise, Automate & Repeat.  However, the ROLABOT’s using their SME experience add a unique twist which we are happy to share with new clients!

Clients we have helped
Clients we have helped

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