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Finance Transformation usually builds around three major pillars People, Process & Technology but is this approach outdated?

Most Transformations fail and that is the case for Finance Transformation - ROLABOTIC take a differentiated and unique approach to each and every client engagement unlike the status quo.

Forget Transformation, what does Finance stand for?

Using our Subject Matter Expert’s (SME’s) typically Chartered Accountants we avoid the typical People, Process & Technology start point.  Forget this because for true transformation we need to understand what the end goal is. Do we want to add more value to the business, increase the credibility of the finance function, reduce staff churn or increase our Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Voice of the Workforce (VoW) Scores? We help build the overarching vision and strategy needed to enable true Transformation. We dont ‘copy and paste’ we start with a blank sheet of paper  in every client engagement.

Got the Strategy, what next?

How do we enable the Transformation?  The ROLABOTIC Team brings years of experience in successful Finance Transformations in order to build a roadmap for success incorporating the usual pillars of People, Process & Technology.  However, as we helped build the Finance Transformation Strategy we will also share the RISK with clients on execution of the Transformation.  Success for clients means success for ROLABOTIC.  We offer our Unique ROLABOTIC Guarantee on these projects backed up by our 100% client success rate.

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Clients we have helped

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